Datainterfaces a collaborative laboratory that aims to experiment with the development of interfaces and formats for the communication of data-rich scenarios. The laboratory stems from the collaboration between the Data Science Laboratory at ISI Foundation and the Communication Design Research Unit at the Design Dept. of the Politecnico di Milano.

The Data Science Laboratory at ISI Foundation is focused on research on social media, on-line social networks, pervasive systems, wireless sensor networks, and applications to epidemiology. Methodologically, the laboratory extends the traditional toolbox of complex systems research with techniques from data mining, machine learning, and with the use of scalable computational infrastructures that can deal with large-scale records of activity from modern techno-social systems.

Communication Design Research Unit at Politecnico di Milano is focused on issues related to the representation of data and the design and development of communication systems, formats and artifact. Its research activities aim to ‘give shape’ to data and contents acting on the contents themselves, on the way they are represented, and on the communication context in order to enable the user to reach specific needs. The fields of applications span from interface to information design, urban and territorial communication.

Principal Investigator

Research Team

  • Ciro Cattuto
  • André Panisson
  • Michele Tizzoni
  • Laetitia Gauvin
  • Alain Barrat

Former Collaborators

  • Wouter Van den Broeck
  • Matteo Delfino
  • Giancarlo Ruffo
  • Martina Deplano
  • Rossano Schifanella
  • Emilio Sulis
    Mariano Beiró


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